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Getting Error ‘Invalid Login Credentials’ After Creating A New Workspace

Posted by Hendry chinnapparaj on June 2, 2010


When trying to login as the new user, getting the Invalid login credentials in the browser


User attributes for the workspace are not modified correctly under the option “Manage Application Developers” under heading “Manage Workspaces”.


Follow the steps mentioned below after creating the workspace with a new user.

1. Login as “Admin” user.

2. On the “Home” page, you can see the option “Manage Developers and users” under heading
“Manage Workspaces”.
3. Click on the option “Manage Developers and users”.
4. Click on the “Edit” link for the user “Apollo”.
5. Edit “User Attributes” -> Set User Name to Apollo, add the “Web Password” as Apollo (Passwords
are case sensitive) and set the Developer privileges.

Then try logging into workspace “apollo” with “apollo/apollo” and it will login successfully.


workspace – Apollo

username – Apollo

password – Apollo


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