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Managing Memory in Oracle11gR2

Posted by Hendry chinnapparaj on August 17, 2011

Specify a memory target covering the SGA and PGA – and then also the db cache and share pool size parms (as these change from being a setting to a lower limit when memory_target is set). This way it prevents the auto tuning from getting carried away with undersizing either of these.

memory_target            5,368,709,120
db_cache_size              805,306,368
shared_pool_size          805,306,368

Upon dumping the spfile contents to pfile the double underscore hidden parms show where these two are currently operating – you can see it is actually working at present with the shared pool being capped from going any lower:

__sga_target            3,489,660,928
__pga_aggregate_target    1,879,048,192

__db_cache_size        2,583,691,264
__shared_pool_size          805,306,368

__java_pool_size           16,777,216
__large_pool_size           33,554,432
__streams_pool_size           16,777,216
__shared_io_pool_size            0

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