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Uninstall and Install ORACLE CONFIGURATION MANAGER (OCM) for Oracle 11Gr2 and also for Oracle10g

Posted by Hendry chinnapparaj on August 19, 2011

OCM DeInstall Steps for AIX


# Please do this for ALL Oracle Homes that have had OCM installed previously.


– The only env variable needed for the below to work for each home is ORACLE_HOME. Set this as required manually (or use already configured aliases). It is also fine to be set to the agent home too.

export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/oracle/product/…   or

export ORACLE_HOME/u01/oracle/agent[10|11]g


– Stop OCM if running. Look for a nmz process relating to the Oracle Home as above in ps -ef output.

Ps –ef|grep nmz

$ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin/emCCR stop


– If OCM database collections were previously done (presence of ORACLE_OCM user in db is enough to confirm this), FOR EACH DATABASE on the server set the env and execute the below as SYS. Otherwise goto next step.

SQL> @?/ccr/admin/scripts/dropocm.sql  <–  this drops the ORACLE_OCM user and does other things too.


– If OCM collections were previously done (presence of below deployPackages file is enough to confirm this), execute the below IN EACH ORACLE HOME. Otherwise goto next step.

$ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin/deployPackages -d $ORACLE_HOME/ccr/inventory/core.jar


– Remove the previous OCM install folder FROM EACH ORACLE HOME.

rm -rf $ORACLE_HOME/ccr



OCM Install Steps for AIX


ftp the latest OCM Patch p5567658_1035_AIX64-5L.zip to the Aix server in binary mode to /u01/oracle/stage

login as oracle (or equiv) software owner

# OCM Install for all Oracle Homes


– Set the env for the Oracle Home and run the below to start the install.

cd /u01/oracle/stage

unzip -d $ORACLE_HOME /u01/oracle/stage/p5567658_1035_AIX64-5L.zip


cd $ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin


./setupCCR -s 18070588 duty.dba@xyz.com


NONE (this is case sensitive too)


Provide password


– Make required OCM customisations.

./emCCR automatic_update off

./emCCR set collection_interval=”FREQ=DAILY; BYHOUR=18; BYMINUTE=10″  <–  change BYHOUR and BYMINUTE to be some time preferably evenings within 6-7pm and record the details in  spreadsheet. For existing deployments please reuse current set times.


– Add in below 3 lines of text to OCM properties file to exclude IP and MAC address collection.

vi $ORACLE_HOME/ccr/hosts/<hostname>/config/collector.properties  <–  add in hostname in lowercase before using this line. There should be content in the file already.





– Cycle OCM to pickup this exclusion.

$ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin/emCCR stop

$ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin/emCCR start


# OCM Install into each database if Oracle Home is a DB Home


– Instrumenting the Database for Configuration Collection

cd $ORACLE_HOME/ccr/admin/scripts

./installCCRSQL.sh collectconfig -s <Oracle Sid>  <–  change Oracle Sid before using this line.

Successfully installed collectconfig in the database with SID=<Oracle Sid>.


– Repeat above line for other databases in this Oracle Home.


– Run new manual collection to pickup database(s) content

cd $ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin

./emCCR collect


# Go back and do the above for ASM or other Homes (e.g. Agent Home) if present – but with a collection time ideally 5 mins before or after the DB Home.


# Remove the OCM install zipfile once the change is complete.




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